Where it all started

"Not many people know this but the meaning of C.P. is Camper Park"



Camper Park was our first dirt jump spot.

It was there that Nick Pescetto, Jonny Livorti and I (Luis Biscaldi) together with other friends, spent whole afternoons emulating Jackass movies, the New World Disorder series or the American crews like 2-Six Stallion.

The area, which was previously a landfill, featured an abandoned Camper that soon became the roll-in for our dirt jump line.

We never took ourselves too seriously.. we showed up to competitions wearing NBA jerseys, Skull Candy head phones bumping loud Gangsta rap music and bandanas hanging from our back pockets.

Our approach to riding was summed up in the word "PARTYRIDE"



The name CPGANG came the summer we traveled to Whistler B.C.

That year we discovered the world of Freeride where the PARTYRIDE spirit was embedded in the culture.

Sharing bike park laps with pro riders (who we had only seen on printed magazine before) was a dream come true but soon enough it was time to head back home. That's when we felt the need to leave something behind, a trace.

We asked our friend Simone Barraco to sketch a "Cp" logo for us and the first Stickers and T-shirts went into print. At the time they were mostly exchanged for beers or rides to-and-from Lost lake.

None of us would have thought that our logo would be meaningful to anyone, except for our friends.



Years later Nick Pescetto, Jonny Livorti and I (Luis Biscaldi) moved to Barcelona, we knew there was a sick Dirt Jump park outside the city.

Bike Park La Poma was rapidly establishing itself as the European capital of Dirt Jumping.

Every winter Riders from all over Europe migrated to Barcelona to either train or enjoy the warm weather sessions. At Bike Park La Poma you could hear 5 or 6 different languages being spoken on any given weekend.

We made new friends every day and the PARTYRIDE spirit was now contagious.



Along the way, despite many challenges, CPGANG clothing went from self-printed merchandise to technical clothing made with premium fabrics and custom fits based on our personal experience on the bike.

In August 2016 the first ever PARTYRIDE event took place in Livigno, Italy.

The goal was to create a massive gathering for everyone who shared the PARTYRIDE spirit. Riders from all around Europe came to share Party Laps and it was at that point that we realised CPGANG wasn't just an "online" community but it was made of real people with a real passion for bikes.



CPGANG is a worldwide community of over 100'000 riders. 

This allows us to share our passion with people from all over the world overcoming any sort of language, cultural and social barriers, allowing us to grow and expand our horizons constantly.

The products we make are a natural extension of our personality and attitude towards life.

Our mission remains the same:

To share Mountain Biking and the Partyride spirit with the future generation of riders!!

To be continued...