If you were to meet Oszkar at some point, the first thing you'd notice would be the easy vibes, relaxed tone of voice and overall "chilled aura" that distinguishes him from most of the guys we know in the scene.

Oszkar Nagy is Hungary's best slopestyle rider at this moment, and he has been that for a while...

We first met Oszkar at FISE Montpellier way back in 2014 (let me know if I'm wrong man haha) and since we ended up staying in the same hotel room for the entire week we spent quite some time with him both on and off the bike. The tricks he showed at the event were already at the top of the game but what really blew everyone's mind was the ease and execution of every move: so clean, so calculated, so much control!!

Ever since then we touched base with him regularly to exchange ideas, thoughts of new projects and even collaborate back in 2020 on his big video project "From the Ground Up" filmed by the talented Viktor Csaszar at Oszkar's massive back yard line. Watch here

Although at some point we felt like Oszkar was a bit underrated in the dirt jump/slopestyle scene, we now came to the conclusion that we wouldn't change a thing about it!

Oszkar's mellow social media presence actually reflects his spirit and personality and he is not (and probably will never be) a showoff or a natural born entertainer.

However, Oszkar seem to be choosing quality over quantity by releasing one video project after another, matching insane riding skills with high quality productions and we just love the fact that he lets the riding speak for himself.

This may seem like an old school approach when compared to the quick-and-easy fame of the TIK TOK age, BUT WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Keep doing your thing man, we'll be watching as always!

Written by Luis Biscaldi

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