A Bike Life excursion in Milano

A Bike Life excursion in Milano

The italian crew 24.7 Fast Life organized a big RIDE OUT on Easter day and it was the first time I took part to one!!

I had my first Bike Life experience in summer 2018 when I caught up with Dblocks in New York city after being introduced by a mutual friend.

Back then I spent a full day with Dblocks and his crew Cycle Squad Maniaccs riding through the Bronx and Harlem following Nolan Zangas who was capturing footage for the release of a limited edition CPGANG x Cycle Squad Maniaccs Jersey.

I was shocked by how big the scene was in the U.S. and I immediately understood that the words "Bike Life" meant a lot more than what I thought back then.

Here's the What, How and Where of Bike Life.


Bike Life is a term used to describe the activity of doing wheelies and other stunts on bicycles (or dirt bikes) in a urban context.

In big cities, where it might be easy to waste time doing unproductive and unhealthy recreational activities, Bike Life represents a form of expression, a way to challenge yourself and bond with people while feeling the adrenaline rush that will keep you coming back for more. Here's the definition by Urban Dictionary!


Although you can use just about any bicycle, the most popular choice seems to be the legendary american brand SE Bikes, the british Collective Bikes or the american Mafia Bikes.

Those brands have established themselves in the scene and people all over the world are showing them love for growing the community.

I guess there's Bike Life activity almost all over the world and recently I was curious to know how big the scene in my home country was and how many riders were out there popping wheelies and doing stunts in traffic around Italy.
My guess was that there must have been "some" around the cities of Milan and Rome.. turns out there are more than just "some"..
On Easter day, I pulled up on my Cannondale Moterra ready to pop wheelies in Milan's city center together with 250+ riders.
Have a look at what happened at the 24.7 Fast Life ride out in these shots by Stovha.
Written by Luis Biscaldi.
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