Big up to Hodgy who just joined the Monster fam!

Big up to Hodgy who just joined the Monster fam!

The news is out!! Sam Hodgy officially joins the Monster Fam.

Only 6 months ago The Rise of Hodgy video came out making waves from the absolute bangers being sent at the Isle of Wight Bicycle center.

Now, with this brand new video we are seeing him getting that RIDE FAST DIE LAST tee dirty once again with new tricks combos, new steeze and his brand new Monster helmet. 

Big things ahead mate!! Let's gooo


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It wasn't long ago that I first saw my homie Lemoine announcing his first ever invitational contest through a post on instagram. Immediately, I had a flashback to..
I was always curious to know how big the scene in my home country was and how many riders were out there popping wheelies in traffic around Italy...