Guide to FUN & SURVIVAL at Crankworx

Crankworx at Whistler! If you've ever been here you know what we are talking about. That's why we though of writing down some tips for you guys that have never been here but plan to make it happen! This is going to be your holy book for your next Whistler trip. AMEN.




1. Don't mess up the dates!! Crankworx week is the craziest week of the summer and you want to be sure you get the full experience. Lots of people mess up the dates and end up leaving the day before Joyride and before the final party. That's the worst FOMO (fear of missing out) you can ever get 


2. Go big with the home!! Get a big house/condo to stay and fill it up with all the homies.. You'll see it won't be expensive after all and you'll be chilling in the sickest location, with private hot tub, BBQ, swimming pool, home cinema, private golf course, heli-access and 'bat-cave' underneath the house.

Dont wreck the house or you wont be welcome back :D


3. Get the locals to show you around. There is many other lakes and epic spots other than lost lake. Be friendly, speak to people and you'll end up in amazing locations.

Chances are it will be hot as hell, so hit the lake in the morning (green lake has got some mad cliffs and views) and jump off rope swings. There's also lots of babes hanging out at the lake usually so it's a good chance to know people. If you'll be lucky enough you'll find yourself rallying on a dirt road with babes in the back of your pick up truck!!

Lake photos by JJ Allen @thefulltimehobby


4. Ride with all the LIT homies!! The best part about Crankworx is the people. EVERYONE is there. Personally, we suggest to hit up the Vanzacs and try to keep up with them during the day on the trails and at night in the club (probably neither of those will happen).

 photo G_imagery


5. Shoot photos with Bartek Wolinski and you can be sure something crazy is going to happen!! You'll be crying of laughing and you will walk away with the sickest shots. He also has the power to skip the line at every party so it's good to know him! 


6. Rent a car, or know someone that's got a car.  

Whistler is way more than just the bike park, some of the best lakes and trails ever are hidden somewhere out there. Go find em! Also, legendary spots like Squamish and Pemberton are super close to Whistler and you want to check them out while you're on the other side of the world, right??


7. Whistler Bikepark is evil. Your bike is gonna get fucked and you should know it. Try to bring all kinds of spare parts and for everything else hit Fanatyk Co, they are the best in the business!

8. Party responsibly!! Partying in whistler can break your bank account without you even notice it (you were drunk). Hit the liquor store before 10pm and stock up some drinks. Something else you should know is that you can't party or buy drinks anywhere if you're younger than 19 years old so get your McLovin game on point and do everything you need to do to be ready when the question comes "I would need to see some ID".

Also, the party over here finishes at 2am, and that is the moment to make it happen. Make sure you have or know a hot tub spot to get a lil after party going or you'll end up at Fat Tony's pizza buying 2$ slices all alone.



9. Know where to eat!! If you're lucky enough to have a kitchen then you can skip to the next point, if not, things can get pretty tough. Food in Whistler is either insanely expensing or total junk. El Furniture place is one of the best deals in town for a normal meal and they have all the menu at 5$ a plate which is pretty convenient, unless you are Jonny which orders 7 plates everytime we go there. Splitz is the best burger in town, La Cantina is the best burrito in town, Fuji Market has go the best sushi in town, you figure out the rest


10. Hit the park late!! Late afternoon it's for sure the best time to hit the bike park without melting and the sunset is usually pretty insane which means awesome shots too!! 



11. Always go big, day and night. Hangovers and lack of sleep are not an excuse during crankworx. Ride all day, send all your biggest tricks and conquer all your fears... do it for you and for the glory, just send it no matter what state you are in. That will be the biggest reason to celebration big with all your friends at night and have the time of your life. Next day, do it all over again. 








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