Hot dogs in Norway

The past few weeks in Italy have been gold!!

Long and warm summer days on the hunt for epic beaches and dope diving spots. Last friday however, we were beyond stoked to take a brake and hop on a plane to NORWAY!! FEST SERIES was calling and both me (Luis Biscaldi) and Nick Pescetto knew what Hillbilly Huckfest meant!


 While most of the FEST boys flew to Norway on Wednesday, we got there on Friday but we weren't late to the party at all! The weather hadn't been too good and when we showed up the boys were anxiously waiting for the sun to come out and get a session going.

Sam Reynolds!! Sideways, both ways. (ph Mayhem media)

Adolf Silva and Ethan Nell.. Find the difference (ph Mayhem media)

Ace Hayden. Norwegian woods and warm up line "HIP" jump.

Shouts to Makken for making it happen behind the scenes and on the battle lines too!

Nick Pescetto moto inspired!

Luckily on Saturday the sun did show up and the course was in dialed conditions. Crowds of heavy bearded dudes and blondies started to take over the sidelines!!

The first few runs were pretty mad. Connor Macfarland started pulling back on the big kicker almost immediately while others were still trying to figure out the jump. The junior Viking Brage overshoot the big jump and almost landed in Sweden.. somehow he was all good (not the bike ahah), and walked away with the Huckfest “Best Crash” belt on him. The session got fired up and Andreu began to feel comfortable on the last jump, just enough to throw some flatspins superseaters with probably the biggest extension we've ever seen too.

Yup!! Best photo we could find of Andreu's infamous flatspin superseater.

Moments before the session was over however he crashed, in a weird way, underrotating a flip and hitting his chest hard! The homies Franz and Adolf took the trip with him to the hospital but he was back at the venue before the party started!

The party, well.. We won't go too much into detail but it was heavy!! Be smart and come out to see it with your own eyes next year..


Special thanks to:
Makken and Hillbilly Huckfest for the hospitality, Adolf Silva for scratching our car, Mia  for letting me sleep on the couch while Nick had the bed, Norwegian Airlines for losing my bike on the way back. Until next time!!


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